Points to consider while searching for an house or apartment in Rotterdam

If you’ve been looking for the ‘perfect’ rental apartment in Rotterdam, there is a chance you haven’t found it yet! When you’re shopping around for a new place to call home, you should make a list of wishes that are ‘must haves’ for you. It happens that you’ll find a really nice apartment that seems like a perfect fit – until you find out there are only three bedrooms for your family of four! At this point, you can do a few things: walk away, negotiate prices and fees with the rental office, or make the decision to go for the extra bedroom in order to have an apartment that suits your high priority wishes. Checklists can assist you in the decision-making process.

Underneath are some tips to think about as you’re hunting for your dream apartment in Rotterdam.

Is it critical to have more than one bathroom, or would you feel comfortable passing that up if you could find a great apartment that fits all of your other needs?

Do you really need that dishwasher? Sure, it’s a luxury and a time-saver…but would you walk away from a 150 square meter apartment with no dishwasher for a 75 square meter apartment that does have a dishwasher?

Is parking inside the building a huge factor or do you prefer a balcony? Parking facilities are good inside one of the towers in the centre of Rotterdam, but there is a big chance you won’t find the big balcony you wished for.

Are you looking for an older, charming big house? Than it is better to have a look for houses in Kralingen or Hillegerberg. Do you prefer modern, luxury and more facilities around the corner, a high rise apartment in the centre would suit better. It is good to know your taste and ventilate this good with the rental agent before you go on a househunt.

It’s so important to follow your intuition when searching for the perfect apartment – and remember, never settle until you’re satisfied! With a bit of patience and a good checklist you’ll discover an apartment in Rotterdam that suits your needs and fits your lifestyle. Happy apartment searching!

Our agents know the market and are able to help you with the apartment search. They are energetic, professional and highly committed to help you finding the best apartment that is available in Rotterdam. Our mission is to help you settle in smoothly!


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