''I love dealing with people and property. One of the fun parts of my job is going on a house hunt. From experience I have learned that it is not always clear to our clients what to expect from a househunt. Often it is assumed that the tour consists only houses selected from the portfolio of the agent self. Which means you still have a lot of work to search the internet and call other agents.... At RIVA we take everything out of your hands and we make sure we show you the best houses available!

The moment someone contact us, we first identify the wishes of the client, such as region, furnished / unfurnished, number of bedrooms, etc. Then we search the whole market down to find the perfect match. The fun of a househunt with Riva is that we have a major role as a city guide during the trip by sharing and showing the local gym, supermarket and all the other things that matter.

Obviously, main thing is to find the perfect house and because of our good cooperation with other agents and houseowners, we select the best houses available at that time. Sometimes it is even difficult to choose, and then we know we did a good job!

When the decision has been made, Riva start the negotiations to establish the best terms and conditions possible for the candidate. Quit often this is not only a matter of price and timing, but also secundary conditions like an extra bed, flatscreen tv and a parking place count. We make sure you get the best deal possible.

Till so far the hunting part and hope to hear from you soon!''

-Iris Tunderman-  

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